Do not suddenly change your LinkedIn messaging patterns!

If you go from sending 6 or 7 messages a day to sending 200 a day, LinkedIn will notice the unusual behavior and suspend you.

Increase the number of messages you send each day gradually, by 10 or 15.

Free LinkedIn accounts only allow a very limited number of searches and profile visits. We recommend only using QuickVisit and Visit mode with a LinkedIn premium (paid) account.

If you are not sure please ask.

Don’t get put in LinkedIn jail!

Getting Started

Make sure you have messaging set to Click Send! If you see Press Enter to Send in a chat box, click the ... next to it and select Click Send. LinMail uses the Send button exclusively.

You should have already:

What’s next:

  1. Download the LinMailPro widget here for Windows or here for OS X.
  2. Fill in the form and follow instructions in the email we send
  3. Open your LinkedIn account and look for LinMail icon in the navigation bar (next to Me)
  4. Hover over the icon and click on Log in
  5. Find the LinMailPro Icon (blue paper airplane) in the Chrome extensions bar (top right of your browser)
  6. Right click the icon and select Options from the dropdown
  7. In the Association section of the options page, check that it says you are logged in to LinkedIn with the desired account
  8. Click the Associate button
  9. You should get a Valid From message in green text next to the button, which should now have the label Reset
  10. You should only ever reset an association if you change your LinkedIn name, as the system will lock you out for several days
    • You can watch an explanatory video here for the old LinkedIn UI or here for the new UI.

Multiple Associations:

  1. If you have purchased one of the Multi Association Licences, you should see an extra 5 or 10 Associate buttons
  2. Close the Options page
  3. Sign out of your LinkedIn account and into one of your other LinkedIn accounts
  4. Visit the LinMailPro Options page again
  5. Make sure you are logged in with the desired account
  6. Click one of the remaining Associate buttons
  7. Repeat as necessary
    • You can watch an explanatory video here.

Send us an email and let us know you’re using LinMailPro.

And engage!

If you want to explore using LinMailPro, here are some basic training videos.