Auto Tagging With LinMailPro

If you have LinkedIn’s new (Dec 2016) User Interface, they have removed the tagging feature.

  • If you have not used LinMailPro before, we recommend you watch the other training videos here, starting with Basic Training.

  • Add some LinkedIn members to your queue as normal in Messaging mode.

  • Left click the LinMailPro logo and select Dashboard.

  • You will notice two selection boxes in the top left of the Dashboard, called Untag & Tag.

  • If the boxes are empty, click the refresh button to import your LinkedIn tags. If you add or delete a tag on a LinkedIn page, click refresh again to see your changes.

  • Select a tag or tags to be removed from the queued recipients, then select a tag or tags to be added to them.

  • If you wish to just send a message without changing any tags, simply do not select any tags in either box.

  • Check the queue and preview your message to check that all your links work, etc.

  • Press send (the LinMailPro paper airplane logo).