The LinMailPro Widget

For Microsoft Windows

(This page is for Windows only. For Apple OS X click here)

Since LinkedIn changed the way messaging worked on Tuesday, April 19th, LinMailPro users have not been able to use messaging. Since then, our team of hardworking, and strikingly good looking, developers, have been toiling round the clock so that our users can once again take advantage of our most popular feature.

Fortunately we are now able to provide messaging again, but there are some (easy) steps to follow first. They all have to do with the new LinMailPro Widget. Here they are in order:

  1. Download the widget here. There may be some warnings from Chrome about executable files and trust. Ignore the warnings and continue.
  2. Save the widget to your Desktop.
  3. Make sure the widget works on your machine. Double click it and you should see something like the following picture: (names and version numbers may be different) If you don’t, don’t worry. You just need the .NET Framework from Microsoft. This should only be necessary for people with very old Windows 7 versions without service packs. Try again after installing .NET. Widget screenshot
  4. Keep the widget running, and send some messages! You can keep the widget running at all times. It uses very little memory. In fact, if you drop a shortcut to it into your “Startup” folder, it will get start when you boot up and you’ll never have to think about it.

Things to keep in mind:

  • The send tab is now a small send window. If you close it, messaging will stop.

  • The widget isn’t going to do anything you can see after you start it. It just waits for signals from LinMailPro in Chrome that it needs to make the magic happen.

  • To send messages, Chrome needs to be the active window on your desktop. If you use Excel or notepad, or what have you, sending will be paused until Chrome is active again. It’s no problem, just remember to reactivate Chrome as your top Window when you are done.

  • When the widget does its magic, it starts sending Chrome’s input to the send window. If you happen to be typing your input may get appended to the message to be sent and you may have to click your active window again. We know this is a pain and are working on it.

  • This doesn’t affect visits or connect requests. They will still send in the background.

  • Since you can’t look at the sending tab to monitor progress anymore, the play by play is now displayed on the Dashboard, on the Queue header.