• Target a company, tag, title, etc.
  • Or use advanced search
  • Check selection
  • Add to Send Queue


  • Open LinMailPro Dashboard
  • Compose your message
  • Personalize message with variables
  • Select LinkedIn tags to apply


  • Check your message and targets
  • Press Send
  • That's it!
  • Spend your time as you choose!

All reviews are taken directly from the Chrome Webstore.

Linmail Pro is hands down the best tool I have ever used for LinkedIn. It has been a complete game changer for my social marketing agency. The developer is both responsive and a pleasure to deal with.

John White
Webstore rating:
CMO Social Marketing Solutions


Fantastic tool! Has become a “can't live without it” type extension for me with LinkedIn lead generation and messaging. I also love the fact that they are constantly improving/upgrading the app and listening to user suggestions/feedback to make LMP even more valuable. Can't recommend this one enough! :)

John Nemo
Webstore rating:
Bestselling LinkedIn Author and Trainer


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Lets you connect with more people in less time

  • Automatically send LinkedIn messages
  • Target 2nd Connections and send Connect Requests
  • Automatically visit profiles in bulk
  • Select connections from searches, tags, companies, etc.
  • Personalize messages with first and/or last names throughout
  • Save search results
  • Multiple Association Licenses available
  • Automatically apply and remove LinkedIn tags while messaging
  • Sales Navigator option available
  • Save all work as csv file
  • Self-contained Chrome Extension
  • No upfront installation costs
  • Does the work so you don't have to
  • Secure billing through Google Web Store

Licenses for LinMailPro are limited to a few hundred, so if you are an experienced LinkedIn marketer, contact me via email or ...